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Pre/Post Surgery

Traumatic Brain Injury

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOt) is a non-invasive therapy administered by delivering 100% oxygen to a mask with air pressures from 1.3 – 3.0 Atmospheres Absolute (ATA) above the normal atmospheric (sea level) pressure to a patient in a chamber. HBOT is FDA approved for 14 indications for insurance reimbursement. HBOt has been proven internationally as an effective adjunctive therapy for numerous indications.

What It Does

Each cell in the body needs oxygen to preserve, repair, and enhance cellular function. Breathing 100% oxygen at pressures greater than sea level:
Increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in the plasa and carried to the fluids surrounding the brain and spinal cord to provide greater healing.
Promotes new blood vessels in areas with reduced circulation.
Enhances the performance of the body’s antioxidants to fight disease and infection.
Reduces swelling and inflammation, promotes the release of stem cells and enhances the immune system.

Concussion Therapy

HBOT is being studied in the treatment of concussion and post-concussion syndrome with promising results. Concussion, a mild traumatic brain injury, is a common sports injury. In concussion, the brain tissue is bruised by impacting the inflexible skull due to a blow or jolt to the head causing an inflammatory response and swelling of the tissue as the brain responds to injury. The rationale for the use of HBOT is based on its ability to increase the delivery of oxygen to the brain by 700%. The delivery of oxygen to the injured brain tissues promotes healing, reduces swelling and inflammation in the brain.

Concussion Stats….

An emerging public health crisis

  • 5 Million youth Concussions Annually
  • 2.5 Million Never Diagnosed or Treated
  • 200% Increase In The High School Athlete Concussion In The Last Decade
  • 47% Of Sports-Related ER Concussion Visits are by Children Aged 12-15

By Sport

Occurrences per 100,000 exposures (exposure = 1 athlete in a practice or game)


Football 70
Girl’s Soccer 33
Boy’s Soccer 19
Girl’s B-Ball19
Boy’s B-Ball18
Girl’s Softball16
Girl’s V-Ball 7
Boys Baseball 5


Concussed Youth Athletes Return To Play The Same Day

HBOT Adjunct Therapies

Raise The Oxygen, Enhance the Outcomes


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy has had many success’s in helping, and healing in areas listed below.
Please explore and see how it could help you.

  • Skin , Cell , and circulation conditions
  • symptom and diseases derived from infection or preexisting conditions
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About Us
Oklahoma Hyperbarics started after we saw a need for additional hyperbaric centers in the Oklahoma City metroplex after being engaged, as volunteers, at a hyperbaric center in Oklahoma City whose main mission was to provide veterans free hyperbaric oxygen treatments (HBOT) to push back on the 22 suicides per day that is wreaking havoc on our veteran community.

The entire Oklahoma Oasis HBOt team, from ownership to nursing staff, is impeccable. They are true professionals and have done their research and consulted with the best in the country before launching OK Oasis. They are doing Hyperbaric Oxygen therapy the right way.

Dr. Brian Lamkin

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