Our Story

Paul and Greg joined Dr Bill Duncan at the Patriot Clinic as volunteers in 2012. Greg had been riding with the Patriot Guard, Paul was learning about how our returning war heroes were needing relief from PTSD. Dr Bill Duncan, a PHD of Economics, was crunching numbers relating to the State of Oklahoma’s cost of TBI/PTSD injuries and what HBOT provided to change the financial course of relieving TBI/PTSD injuries and how HBOT pushes back on suicides as the numbers were reaching 22 per day, today that number is closing in on 30 per day?

They witnessed what very few people ever have. Bill provided free HBOT to anyone that came to the clinic, diabetic foot wounds, TBI, PTSD, Autism, Lyme, etc… were all treated with no insurance, no doctors, no money, and no questions, GET IN THE CHAMBER!

They met a veteran four years post stroke that was semi-comatose, could not move anything, head laying on his shoulder, drooling, no eye contact, no verbal, stuck in a wheelchair for four years. Ed Betts, who assisted in opening OK HBOT, was at the clinic during sesion #27, he suggested we try a new protocol that day. The staff did not recognize a change but the stroke victims wife’s eyes were the size of silver dollars at the end of that session. She said she did not know what happened but a switch was just turned on. Ten days later, session #37, her husband walked into the clinic with the aid of a walker and stated he was “ready to dive”.

That was the day it was decided they wanted to share the power of HBOT with everyone who could benefit from the medicine that God holds the patent on, oxygen…under pressure.


Our Mission

To offer a relaxed atmosphere for healing the body through Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy. At Oklahoma Hyperbarics our primary goal is to educate our community in the healing power that hyperbarics oxygen treatments can provide.


Our Values

Our staff are certified hyperbaric operators and have the deepest respect and empathy for our clients. We are here to provide the highest quality of care and have access to some of the best of the best in the hyperbaric world. The protocols we follow have been developed to provide the safest treatments with the best optimal outcome for our clients. We are committed to excellence in every aspect of care we provide.


Our Vision

To educate the public on the power of oxygen under pressure. Oklahoma Hyperbarics provides public speaking engagements to business groups, professional organizations, and organized sports programs to enlighten those not aware of the 400 year history of oxygen under pressure healing the body. Our vision is to have HBOT available to the general public at an affordable price so anyone can experience what we have personally witnessed in natural healing.

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