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Acute Carbon Monoxide Intoxication
Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colorless, odorless gas produced as a byproduct of combustion. Poisoning occurs by inhalation, either accidentally or intentionally (suicide attempt). Oxygen, and especially hyperbaric oxygen, accelerates the clearance of CO from the body, thereby restoring oxygen delivery to sensitive tissues such as the brain and heart.
Cyanide Poisoning
​Cyanide poisoning occurs when cyanide, commonly present in smoke from fires and in industrial chemicals, is ingested or inhaled. Frequently, victims of smoke inhalation develop carbon monoxide poisoning and cyanide poisoning simultaneously. The hyperbaric oxygen therapy used to treat carbon monoxide poisoning may also reduce the toxicity of cyanide and augment the benefit of antidote treatment.


The staff at Oklahoma Oasis HBOT continue to be professional, polite, and sensitive to my needs. They have literally contributed to saving my life and improving my mental and physical health unlike anything I have experienced. I am alive today because of hyperbaric oxygen therapy and my quality of life is better now than ever before in my life. The damaging effects of the numerous traumatic brain injuries I experienced no longer define my present nor my future. Thank you Oklahoma Oasis. You have been a God send!

Derek Dennis


We had an incredible experience at Oasis. Our teenage daughter was bitten by a brown recluse and headed downhill over the course of a week. With three dives in a 24 hour period, her rebound was incredible. After two more dives, she was totally out of the woods and ultimately ended up with a barely noticeable scar half the size of a grain of rice. The initial ER visit was a waste of time and money.

We built a photo documented report with details of the ordeal and treatment for them to use for promotion. We’re so grateful for the service because it saved our daughter from a lot of pain and what looked like the onset of necrosis. She was able to enjoy our 4th of July vacation.

The staff is great and they worked with us to get time-sensitive treatment. Thank God for the whole crew and the business!

Josh Kratochvil


You will not find a better facility in Oklahoma to do your Hyperbaric Dives! The staff here are absolutely the greatest team ever! Always brings a smile to my face soon as I walk in the door. I’ve dove 41 times there now and can’t wait to get back into diving daily! I highly and very highly recommend you reach out to Oasis for all your health benefit needs!

Kris Morgan


This place has been a HUGE blessing to my son! He suffered a concussion on Sept 27th during a varsity football game. Needless to say….he spent over 1,344 hours following that injury with a continuous headache, dizziness and many other issues. Someone asked us about Hyperbaric therapy and if we had checked into it…..it was the BEST DECISION that I have made in a long time to call and inquire about treatment. After 3 treatments he got relief. After 5 treatments he walked to my car headache free for the 1st time in 48 days. After 11 treatments the headache left and has not returned. After 20 treatments he has been 100% released to return to physical activity! As a football momma I am forever grateful to these amazing people for their love and kindness and their genuine desire to see people like my son healed and returning to their normal lives. If only we had known this was an option for treatment when he was 1st injured.

Trisha Whitman


My daughter had a stroke in 2017 at the age of 6 yrs old. She had several brain surgeries and a long recovery, lost the use of her left arm and was left with major learning and physical disabilities. We discovered Oklahoma Oasis from an internet search and made the decision to take our daughter for hyperbaric oxygen treatments under their stroke
protocol. She completed 80 “dives” in about 6 months’ time and we saw a HUGE difference in her. Memory, behavior, sleep, physical, everything was positively affected, and has remained so even four months after treatment. She still has a long ways to go, but we will continue to bring her to Oklahoma Oasis for hyperbaric O2 treatments whenever we’re able. Everyone at the clinic has become like family to us. They love our daughter (now 8 yrs old) so much and treat her like royalty. They care about everything from her comfort in the chamber to her overall recovery. Sharon, Lenore, Savannah, Hannah, Paul and Greg are amazing! I’m so happy God led us to this clinic and these treatments for our precious daughter. If you have ever been curious about hyperbaric oxygen treatments, I encourage you to contact the clinic for more info.

Honest words from a thankful mom,
Jaimie W.

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